When you think of addiction recovery treatment, what comes to mind?

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Does the phrase drug rehab clinic conjure images of group therapy?

Why Decker Recovery

Believe it or not, addiction recovery treatment has advanced a significant amount in recent years. Thanks to the evolution of evidence-based addiction recovery treatment, our substance abuse treatment center is able to provide our clients with a higher standard of care than ever before.

What we offer

Dual Diagnosis

When you’re ready to get the addiction recovery treatment you deserve, we’re here to ensure you get the care you need.

Group Therapy

Get in touch today and discover how we can help you achieve your goals for recovery.

Professional Health Care

At our substance abuse treatment facility, we provide the tools you need to ensure that you reach your recovery goals.

Aftercare Services

You’ll see how rewarding it can be to share your experience and wisdom with your peers, and you’ll discover how edifying it can be to listen to them do the same.

Top Level Ammenities

Some of these treatments will likely be the type that you think of when someone mentions a drug rehab facility.

Hollistic Approach

For example, all of our clients take part in group therapy sessions. While many clients are apprehensive about group therapy at first, it soon becomes a favorite part of the treatment program for most of our clients.