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If you are in need of addiction recovery support in New England, you should seriously consider accepting the help that is available from our friendly experts at our Portland, Maine drug rehab center. Here at Decker Recovery, we know that they journey to recovery can be a complicated one. Since we want to be sure that every client who enrolls in our addiction recovery program gets the opportunity to benefit from professional substance abuse support we can provide, we work hard to make our program available to as many different people as possible. If you are prepared to accept assistance as you work toward recovery, contact our addiction recovery clinic today.

There are many possible addiction recovery strategies which we may utilize as your work to face substance abuse. Because every individual will have unique needs that they will need met during their time at our Portland, Maine substance abuse treatment center, we will work hard to provide our clients with a plan for support that has been customized to suit their personal needs. When you arrive at Decker Recovery, our drug rehab center in Portland, Maine, you will gain access to a plan for treatment that targets the areas where you need the most support.

Depending on the details of your situation, you may benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This strategy for treatment is useful when a client struggles with a co-occurring mental health disorder. In instances like this, the client needs to be sure that their substance abuse is treated at the same time as their co-occurring mental health disorder. This is because those who struggle with a co-occurring disorder can benefit by taking part in dual diagnosis mental health treatment. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can provide clients who find themselves in this situation with the help they need to reach recovery.

We work hard to offer clients who enroll in the program at our Portland, Maine substance abuse treatment clinic access to the treatment they deserve. We know that recovery from addiction is a complicated process, and by ensuring that those who take part in recovery here at Decker Recovery are able to benefit from the specific treatment they need to defeat addiction. Contact the staff at our substance abuse treatment center and we can offer the guidance necessary to process through the process of recovery and reach your goals.

The journey to addiction recovery does not end when you arrive at the conclusion of your time with us here at our Portland, Maine substance abuse treatment facility. Because we want all of our clients to recognize that they’ll continue to receive our support after leaving our addiction recovery clinic, we provide every single client with a personalized plan for aftercare treatment. By being sure that our clients recognize that we will continue to provide them with the support they need even after they have left Decker Recovery, we can maximize the efficacy of our addiction recovery program.