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At Decker Recovery, our qualified substance abuse treatment clinic in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, we are ready and eager to provide the support that is necessary to successfully achieve your personal goals for addiction recovery treatment. We know that struggling with addiction can seem like a series of impossible challenges, but when you take part in the substance abuse recovery program we offer, you’ll get the chance to reach recovery thanks to the invaluable support we can provide. Our dedication to our clients is unparalleled, and we are waiting to extend our help to you.

One of the hallmark traits of the addiction recovery program here at Decker Recovery is our dedication to our clients. Because we want to be sure that everyone who enrolls at our Boulder, Colorado drug rehab clinic gets the specific treatment they need to achieve and sustain the goals that they have personally identified for their recovery journey, we work exhaustively to provide all of the clients who enroll in our program with a schedule for recovery treatment that is hand-tailored to fit their individual needs. While some substance abuse treatment clinics insist on providing every single client with an identical plan for treatment, we recognize that the most effective method of treatment is ensuring all of our clients get a plan for recovery that has been customized to suit each individual’s needs.

For some clients, the best possible care comes in the form of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. In instances where a client is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder, dual diagnosis provides the best possible chance of achieving recovery. We know that if a client has a co-occurring mental health disorder and does not receive adequate treatment for it, they may continue to experience the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder, even if they have received adequate substance abuse recovery support. In cases like this, the client runs the risk of returning to their previous habits of substance abuse in an effort to mitigate the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder. Because we want to prevent this unfortunate possible outcome at our Boulder, Colorado drug detox clinic, we offer dual diagnosis to clients with co-occurring mental health disorders here at Decker Recovery.

If you are looking for an addiction recovery program that provides the comprehensive support you deserve, we hope that you will consider the program we offer here at Decker Recovery. We not only offer a number of more traditional strategies for addiction recovery treatment, such as group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions, we also offer a number of more holistic strategies for treatment. Many of these take advantage of the copious natural beauty in the environment here in Boulder, Colorado.

Our friendly and well-trained specialists will continue to provide you with the support you need when you have graduated from the addiction recovery program we offer here at Decker Recovery. As you continue your recovery journey after leaving our Boulder, Colorado drug rehab center, you will be provided with a plan for aftercare support.