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Once drug addiction has you in its clutches, gaining back your freedom can become one of the greatest challenges of your life. If you are ready to exit the harrowing road of addiction, come to our substance abuse treatment facility in North Charleston, South Carolina. At Decker Recovery drug rehab center, you’ll receive the highest level of care to help you successfully make the transition to lasting recovery. Keep reading to see all the amenities our addiction recovery program has to offer.

The Best Way to Detox

If you have ever made an attempt to detox on your own, you know how rough detoxing can be without help. Go about it the smart way by taking advantage of our supervised detox procedure. Under the care of our qualified staff, you will find that detox is manageable at Decker Recovery drug detox clinic.

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab Facility

One of the most important developments in addiction treatment is the realization that co-occurring mental health disorders need to be treated in order to get the most of your time at our addiction recovery program. At our North Charleston, South Carolina addiction recovery facility, you will find a superior mental health treatment plan to aid you in your recovery should you be struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. We provide dual diagnosis to ensure clients with a co-occurring disorder get the help they need.

A Community You Can Trust

At our addiction recovery center in North Charleston, South Carolina, we take great care to foster a real community atmosphere. We encourage our client to see one another as family. The shared support you enjoy in the Decker Recovery addiction treatment center ensures you have the best chance possible of conquering your addiction.

Individualized Treatment Programs Available

At our North Charleston, South Carolina drug rehab center, we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all-approach to addiction treatment. Instead, you will find that we offer an individualized drug treatment program that will make your experience as effective as possible. We constantly monitor your progress during your visit, adjusting your program as necessary to provide you with the most effective treatment situation we can. This tailor-made treatment is the ideal situation for you to keep your focus on your treatment.

Your Need for Honesty

No matter how good the treatment program you enter is, you are ultimately the only one who can make your recovery successful. Just as we need to offer you all the tools you need to reach recovery, you need to be sure that you are honesty with us and your fellow clients as you go through the program here at Decker Recovery. Although it may seem scary at times to be so brutally honest about your history of addiction, you can count on our staff to make sure you always feel supported and rewarded for your honesty. Being honest is the only way you can defeat your demons and achieve a recovery that lasts.

If you are serious about achieving recovery, come to our addiction recovery center in North Charleston, South Carolina. We have what you need to reach your goals for recovery.